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Arimech (The Free City)

Government Type: Oligarchy

Current Leaders:


Economic Type:

Species Demographics: 30% aranea, 25% elf, 15% gnome, 5% other humanoid, 10% sahuaghin, 7% tako, 2% sea giant, 1% other aquatic

Capitol: Arimech

Nominal Alignment: CG


Built in the bay of Ari there are almost two cities.  The first is around the shores of the bay (often times referred to as Bayside City), with many docks and warehouses.  Roads lead in all directions to many nations across the land.  The second is the city proper built on (and inside of) a giant natural pillar that juts out from the center of the bay.  Called Karjen's Tooth, the pillar itself is a mystery.  It is a single stone inscribed with ancient runes all around its girth.  The city of Arimech has existed here in some form or other for centuries, and perhaps for millenium.  Wooden dwellings ring its circumference at the water's edge, and stone stairs carved into its side lead to sturdier stone structures further up.


Though named the Free City, Arimech feels a constant pressure from each of its neighbors.  The only thing preventing its conquest is the defensibility of Karjen's Tooth.  Although Bayside City has been sacked and pillaged several times in the past century, Arimech proper has only been taken once in recorded history. 

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