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Love the Emperor,

for he brings salvation to all who believe.

Obey His commandments,

for He will lead you through the darkness of temptation.

Heed His wisdom,

for He will protect you from evil.

Speak His prayers with devotion,

for they will save your soul.

Honor His servants,

for they preach in His voice.

Tremble before His glory,

for we all follow in His divine shadow.

-Hymn to the Living Emperor


Jutting out into the northern seas, the Caelen peninsula is a region whose history is defined by monumental wars and strife. Ruins of past civilizations dot the wilderness between the great cities and innumerable battlefronts. The Caelen peninsula was the birthplace of several great empires: the primeval empire of the elves, the great Caelen Empire, the Empire of the Horse, and the Qalitz Empire. Now, it seems the perfect storm is brewing once again: the elves march from their secluded homeland, intent or restoring their ancient empire; Imperial Caelea stands united under the banner of a pure-blooded descendant of Cael; Castillia has ended it's millenia of infighting and seeks to expand it's powers elsewhere; the gold mines of Rimegaard fuel a booming machine of war; the Qalitz empire is collapsing in on itself, allowing a clear path for the Horselanders to strike at the heart of Caelea; and the Lady of the Chalice speaks to her followers of a coming war...one to end all other wars.





Other Groups





Caelen Church



Other Faiths










Major Rivers

  • Bi'il
  • Bredona
  • Bräde
  • Calon
  • Chema
  • Godsfall (Hiren)
  • Iren
  • Jan
  • Lasdre
  • Thadae
  • Toren
  • Tzena
  • Verne
  • Zergart


Seas and Oceans

  • Bay of Dasna
  • Grey Sea
  • Iren Sea
  • Sea of Blades
  • Sea of Mists
  • Sea of Roens
  • Sea of Tempests
  • Strait of Flans
  • Vathan Sea



Major Bodies of Fresh Water


  • Black Marsh
  • Kören Marsh
  • Lake Histram


Plains and Lowlands

  • Plaines Centrales de Deraille
  • Dorellian Lowlands
  • Great Caelen Plain
  • The Holtlands
  • The Horselands
  • The Ice Plains
  • North Castillian Plain
  • Toreno River Valley
  • Vesten Plains


Islands and Archipelagos

  • Aven
  • Dimalese
  • The Elven Isles
  • Great Flans
  • Hala
  • Henensae
  • The Isle of Nohn
  • The Lesser Flans
  • Northon
  • The Stromalds
  • Voland


Mountain Ranges

  • Alston Mountains
  • Andarian Highlands
  • Caelen Hills
  • Dragonrest Mountains
  • The Flanish Highlands
  • Icewall Mountains
  • Istani Highlands
  • Red Mountains
  • Roenic Mountains
  • Skyreach Mountains
  • Stillian Highlands
  • Varfel Mountains


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