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Free Deraille Republic

Region: Caelea

Common Name: Deraille

Government Type: Presidential Republic

Ruling Body: Assemblée Nationale and the Sénat

Current Ruler: President Sophia André (Halfling Female Noble 3/Ranger 2)

Economic Type: Free Market Capitalism

Currency: Deraille Franc (100 Centimes=1 Franc) 

Area: 183,890 sq. miles

Population: 22,066,800 

Demographics: 54% Human, 14% Halfling, 10% Gnome, 9% Half-Elf, 8% Dwarf, 4% Elf, 1% Illumian, 0.6% Spellscale, 0.2% Kith, 0.2% Other (Half-Giant, Xeph, Rilkan)

Capitol/Largest City: Ville Deraile (1,050,000)

Secondary Center: Loraene (230,000)

Official Religion: Wide religious tolerance and freedom of worship, most follow various Caelen churches, of which the Imperial Church is the largest

Major Languages: Gallic is the largest spoken language, however Sorenish, Tamak, Alstanic all have official representation.

Symbol: A gold, white and green banner with a blue and red Broken Circle.

Alignment: LN


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