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Eureii (Blood Sea Nomads)

Government Type: Tribal

Current Leaders: (many others)


Economic Type:

Species Demographics: 80% sea giant, 12% tako, 5% anguillian, 3% other (sahaughin, devil ray, etc...)

Capitol: None

Nominal Alignment: TN


"We no longer even remember the world of the sun.  Once we were enslaved and imprisoned by the depths themselves.  Now we have made our prison our home."

- Eureii lament


Long ago, the Eureii sea giants were surface dwelling creatures.  They walked on land and breathed in the air like any other surface dweller.  Then the Tralib came.  From where, none know, but the kopru were swift in their conquest, leaving none of the Eureii free from their grasp.  But the Tralib had other enemies, enemies from beneath the waves.  They used dark magic on the once peacefull giants and bred them to serve as shock troops under the waters.  The land dwelling Eureii are no more.  Now their ancestors live in the sea instead of upon it.


It was only after the destruction of Ancient Tela that the Eureii once again gained their freedom.  Those furthest from the Tralib were serving as advanced forces in the fight against the tako kingdoms, and were able to break free of their domination after the catastrophe.  Rather than destroying these former enemies, the tako instead took them under their tentacles and helped them to regain some semblance of free civilization.


Now the Eureii roam the desolate seascape at the bottom of the Sea of Blood, eeking out an existance as nomadic herders and sometime scavengers.

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