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Legend has it that about 1600 years ago The Taker cast one of the stars into the middle of this once great and prosperous continent as punishment for the good races dominance over the land. Where the star fell came to ground it created a huge sea surrounded by islands created in the cataclysm, dominated by a vortex in the center that swallows any boats that come near, dragging them down into the abyssal depths of the Takers Realm.





The elves of the land were cast down from their great seats of power, ravaged into extinction by a mysterious disease. The other good races of gnome, dwarf and halfling were also laid low and lost whatever civilization they had, becoming equals with the evil races of the orcs, goblins and kobolds. Much of the ancient arts like book learned arcane magic, metallurgy, science and engineering were lost in that troubled time. Memory of those brighter days faded away quickly as survival became all important.


Thick clouds of dust and volcanic ash swept the land, killing thousands that breathed it and choking the crops before they could grow. After the Fallenstar struck the entire region was cast into an ice age that lasted for over 400 years.


In the chaos that consumed the once beautiful lands came the Welkin, ancient beings of god-like power, with evil Welkin taking the forms of different dragons, while the good aligned took the forms of the mighty titans. These were the survivors of an ancient war older than myth, living gods put to sleep by an even greater deity. When the land was torn asunder by the falling comet they were awoken from their eons of slumber. The Welkin drew the various peoples to them, creating tribes and granting them names and a place in the world and taught them how to survive and thrive. Weaponcraft and armormaking were learned, fashioned from stone, the bones of great beasts brought back by the Welkin as well as hardwood harvested from the now thick and primordial forests that reclaimed the land. Using instinctive techniques and with the divine help of the Welkin these natural items were made stronger and through magic came to rival even the fabled 'Godbone'. Godbone is easily recognized by outsiders as being metal, and is highly sought after by the tribes of Fallenstar.


Border clashes between the good and evil tribes,for hunting grounds or farmland, are not uncommon, and raids on neighboring good or evil tribes for plunder and slaves is an active sport. A great war is brewing though, between the cruel Dragon Welkin and the noble Titan Welkin, a war that may change the destiny of Fallenstar forever.


Overview Of Fallenstar Religion And Practices


Dragon Welkin Tribes


Titan Welkin Tribes


Other Welkin And Their Tribes


Colonies Of Fallenstar


Races Of Fallenstar


Fallenstar Prestige Classes



Fallenstar Beastiary


Diseases Of Fallenstar



Have been out of sight for awhile, but I plan on getting this going again soon. Thanks ~ Thel 

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