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Flansh Free State

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Flansh Free State

Region: Caelea

Common Name: Ard

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Ruling Bodies: The Tremvalt

Current Rulers: King Duncan “The Liberator” (Human male Ranger 7), Speeker of the the Tremvalt Sir Douglass Macduff (Half-elf male Rogue 4)

Economic Type: Mercantilism

Currency: Phunt ( 240 Feoirling=20 Reul=1 Phunt)

Area: 18,389 sq. miles

Population: 2,574,460

Demographics: 58% Human, 14% Elf, 10% Half-elf, 7% Halfling, 5% Dwarf, 4% Gnome, 1.1% Kith, 0.8% Maenad, 0.1% Other (Illumian, Rilkan, Skarn, Spellscale)

Capitol/Largest City: Kardon (254,000)

Secondary Center: Sant Lareth (94,000)

Official Religion: The Ards are a rather bigoted lot when it comes to religions. They have been oppressed by both Caeleans and Chalicites, and had their traditional religions crushed under the heels of the major churches. This has driven most human, elven and half-elven Ards into the hands of the Living Gods, and though one can still find churches to the Lady and Emperor, the Nith'Kor Hem of the Living Gods draw the largest crowds.

Major Languages: Though Calic and Holt are largely understood, the government encourages use of traditional Flansh languages such as Eir, Urrich and and Normic

Symbol: A silver ring on a black field



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