Great Elven Empire

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Thalu Tal'Qusail

Region: Caelea

Common Name: Great Elven Empire, the Elves

Government Type: Confederation of Elfheims (Gerontocratic Ethnocracy)

Ruling Bodies: A Imal Pathan Nam (the Circle of the Wise, gerontocratic council)

Current Ruler: Ital Nithril Lurin (Elf female Wizard 16/ Archmage 5)

Economic Type: Complex Barter System

Currency: N/A


Population: 84,023,568 

Demographics: 56% Elf (Imperial 78%, Low 22%), 24% Human, 11% Half-elf, 4% Halfling, 3% Raptorian, 1% Gnome, 1% Other (Dwarf, Illumian, Rilkan, Skarn, Spellscale)

Capitol: Alor'Daelin (2, 320,000)

Official Religion: The Elven Pantheon is major religion. Though worship is not forced, all worship of Cael is punishable by death, and all kith are killed on sight, so worship of both the God-Emperor and the Traveler are nonexistent

Major Languages: Any one of the dozen elven dialects are enforced as official languages, based on the local circle's choice

Symbol: Each Elfheim has it's own...there is no one common system

Alignment: N


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