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Iilagu Trench

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Iilagu Trench

Thermal vents on the floor of the trench provide heat and nutrients for a vast and sunless wilderness that extends most of its length. Volcanic vents spew black smoke into the abyssal floor and valleys, around which all manner of bizarre sea life draw sustenance. Colorless and sightless these creatures rely on the heat of the vents and the chemical broth that they disgorge to sustain their dark ecosystem. Chemosynthetic alga lies at the bottom of this food chain. It is eaten by small fish and crustaceans who are in turn eaten by larger life forms.


The environment changes dramatically further from the floor. Cold ocean currents disperse the nutrients of the black smokers across the seas. It is in these cold shores that the anguillians make their homes. The banks of the Iilagu Trench are barren underwater wastelands.


NOTES: This needs to change from thermal vents to cold seeps.


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