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Physical Maps






The Esuin Sea


  • The Greater Esuin
  • The Outer Esuin
  • The Alkemarnon Sea
  • The Bay of Thalaros


The Jaurna


  • The High Jaurna
  • The Sea of the Whorl
  • The Gulf of Ajivarul  


The Rotting Sea


Mountain Ranges


  • The Anthele Mountains
  • The Olrgiresh Range
  • The Sirvgazú Mountains 
  • The Adír Highlands
  • The Kwiraasketle Range




Political Map





Nations of Ilaros


The Jauric Nations



The Maritime Republics



The Three Kingdoms



The Nravon Nations



The Pirate Nations



The Adiron Nations



The Nations of the Sea of Grass



The Aktójaa






Major Populations


  • Nyezza, the gnomes of the Esuin Sea
  • Adir, the humans of the Rotting Sea
  • Esh, the humans of the Esuin sea
  • Herag, the humans of the Heragas coast
  • Dodjai-Lagar, the humans of the Sea of Grass
  • Jaur, the elves of the Jaurna
  • Nravo, the elves of the tropics
  • Pentagja, the gnomes of the eastern river valleys
  • Bhuka, the desert goblinoids
  • Magu Blän, the goblins of the northern rainforests
  • Darfellan, the oceanic nomads of the southern ocean
  • Dromites


 Minor Populations


  • Negoi
  • Mercane
  • Minotaurs
  • Yak Folk
  • Genies


Religion and Philosophy



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