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Iliagulla (Lower Iilagu Kingdom)

Government Type: Deiarchy

Current Leader: The Kraken god Yalejaq


Economic Type:

Species Demographics: 95% anguillian, 5% other (sea giant, tako)


Nominal Alignment: LE


The history of Iliagulla is much like that of its upper neighbor Illoanallia, however the Lower Kingdom has always been less active geologically and therefore less abundant.  It still retains its god-king, Yalejaq, who has ruled over the anguillians since it and its brother first found the tribes centuries ago.  Yalejaq has no intention of relinquishing its control or of being vanquished like Qualjayn was.


His brother’s priests, fleeing persecution in their own lands, have now sworn fealty to him.  They foment unrest in their own lands, swelling Yalejaq’s ranks with more traditional anguillians, not willing to submit themselves to the rule of a female.

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