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Itharon (Talirost - capital)

Government Type: Theocracy

Current Leaders: Draconic heritage aranea


Economic Type:

Species Demographics: 47% aranea, 20% elf, 20% gnome, 10% dwarf, 3% draconic heritage


Nominal Alignment: NE


Itharon is a hot, dry land that encircles the south eastern portion of the inner Hoarfrost Sea (named so because of the salt deposits that build up on its shores and look like frost or ice).  The territory has seen several waves of immigrants over the years, from elves and gnomes, to aranea, to dwarves.  The latest batch were wryms from XXX who arrived several centuries ago.  Since that time the dragons, and their offspring, have been shaping Itharon into a nation of their own design.


The dragons themselves are rarely seen, preferring to sleep away the years in their vast treasure chambers, however they rule through their offspring, half-breeds of draconic heritage.  Many of these creatures devote themselves to the worship of their draconic ancestors, and a few among them can derive substantial power through their devotion.  These select individuals become the priest kings that rule over this arid land.


Unlike most other aranea in the Blood Sea region, those of Itharon prefer their hybrid form to that of their humanoid form.  Here aranean heritage is never hidden, and oftentimes the arachnid folk are favored by their draconic patrons.

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