Pown-Dajji- Savage Kobolds

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Government Type: Direct intervention

Ruling Welkin: Pown-Daj the Red Death

Current Leader: The Disciple of Pown-Daj (NE female 1/2 Red Dragon/Kobold (Sorcerer4/Rogue3)

Population: 400,000+

Economic Type: Barter

Species Demographics: 60% Kobold, 20% Lizard Folk, 10% Slave, 5% Goblin, 5% Other

Capitol: Ereshkigal Palace

Beast Totem: Stokesosaurus

War Beasts: Stokesosaurus, Half Red Dragon Stokesosaurus

Nominal Alignment: NE


The Pown-Dajji are a brutal and vicious offshoot of the typical kobold. They are neither cowardly nor weak, taking strength from their Welkin, the great red wyrm, Pown Daj the Red Death. The only vestiges of their pathetic past is their mastery of traps and unsurpassed skill at ambush. Their sworn enemies, the Paisanguen, have felt the bitter taste of a well laid Pown-Dajji trap on countless occasions, and have coined the oath "I'll be pricked with a Powni needle first."

The Pown-Dajji control the long volcanic chain of mountains that runs along the eastern islands center, a blasted range formed by the Fallenstar, which is full of towering peaks and smoking volcanoes. They patrol this land astride their vicious and predatory Stokesosaurus mounts. The greatest Pown-Dajji warriors are granted one of the fabled children of the Welkin Pown-Daj, the fearsome Kalivati, an abominable cross of their regular Stokesosaurs and her burning dragon blood.

A long standing war between the Pown-Dajji and the gnomes of the Paisanguen has claimed many lives on both sides. To outsiders this seems to stem from the Paisanguen controlling large tracts of good farming land. The Pown-Dajji covet the flatter grasslands of the Paisanguen for farming. The main reason for their animosity though is that their respective Welkin are sworn enemies, Titan vs Dragon, and would like nothing more than to see the end of one another.



Ethics and Beliefs:

The great dragon Pown-Daj teaches her followers to believe in the superiority of their Reptilian blood. Only those with scaly skin are considered real people. All other races are mere stains to cleaned out. Some serve a purpose beyond spear decoration, and these races are destined to be the slaves of the great Pown-Dajji people, especially the hated gnomes.

The Pown-Dajji are taught from birth that only the strongest hatchling from any clutch can survive.

This attitude becomes horrifically apparent when the young Pown-Dajji reach their 10th birthday, when all clutch-mates must enter the 'Pit'. In the 'Pit' they are given enough food for 2 out of every 5 to survive with and told to find their way out of the other side. The 'Pit' is an unholy passageway stretching miles uder the mountain beneath Ereshkigal Palace. It is full of traps and the freakish offspring of Pown-Daj and some the less wholesome creatures living there. Only the strongest, fastest, and smartest young Pown-Dajji make it out alive and receive their ceremonial Gadar Kukri. The Gadar Kukris are made of copper and then fortified and strengthened with magic.


Outsiders have often wondered as to how the Pown-Dajji feel about their goddess propagating with other species. The truth is they see the dragon as a source of strength, so when she chooses to bless a creature with 1/2 breed offspring then those offspring become holy. They see nothing wrong with her doing these things.



Clans of the Pown-Dajji:

The clans of the Pown-Dajji are broken down into three groups:


The Fakiir- These are the most feared of the clans, and are the favored of Pown-Daj. They are all descended from Pown-Daj directly (some by just a single generation) and are identified by their quick minds, elaborate scarification on the face and neck, and vicious Kalivati war mounts. It is from these clans that the Disciple of Pown-Daj is often chosen.


The Acharya- The middle classes of the Pown-Dajji, these clans interpret the word of Pown-Daj and act as teachers and spiritual guides for the Pown-Dajji peoples. They are best recognized for their inability to speak, since upon reaching adulthood their tongues are cut out. This is done to ensure that everyone they teach must learn to read and write in proper Dajjian. This also help to limit the Acharyans from from becoming powerful spell casters for without the ability to speak they are seriously hampered.




The Harijan- These clans make up the bulk of the Pown-Dajji tribes, and are the lowest caste composed of workers, slave masters, merchants, farmers, herd masters and simple common folk. They are easily identified by the symbolic dragon tattooed on their face upon reaching adulthood. These clans make up the bulk of the Pown-Dajji army.


Marriage between castes is not uncommon. The Pown-Dajji believe that ones station in life is decided by ones mothers side, since they worship a female Welkin. What station the father had matters little, he is seen as little more than a breeder, so if ones mother was a Fakiir then you will be born into the Fakiir as well, even if your father was a simple Harijan herdmaster.



The Pown-Dajji generally dress in simple leather robes, and thong sandals. Warriors often wear a patchwork cloak made from pieces of his enemies skin, as well as elaborate headdresses made from the feathers of the rare and mystical Coralorax bird.

Common colors are red, green brown, and dark gray. Females of this tribe often burn design into the leather, family crests being the most popular choice.


The Political Structure of the Pown-Dajji:

The great red wyrm Welkin, Pown-Daj, takes a very active roll in the rulership of her tribe. Every seven years, from the ranks of the Fakiir half dragons, she choses a new disciple to act as her intermediary when she is indisposed as well as seeing to the more mundane tasks of running everything. The new disciple is always a female. The previous disciple is, of course, sacrificed and then consumed by the new disciple before she can take office. This simple solution guarantees that there will be no animosity between old and new, and also acts a way of affirming the new disciples place as The Disciple Of Pown-Daj.

The dragon does not intervene on this. Outsiders have suggested that she would naturally have favored Disciples, when in fact there are no favored Disciples. Pown Daj believes this helps to affirm her place as a dispassionate goddess.


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