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The Rimenunionen

Region: Caelea

Common Name: Rimegaard, The Guard

Government Type: Constitutional monarchy

Ruling Body: The Storþinget and the Throne

Current Ruler: Charles Rostenheim III, King and Tsar of Rimegaard, Marxheim, Normard, Stromald and Bardrim (Human male Noble 2/Fighter9);President Kael Raed (Human male Rogue 3)

Economic Type: Mercantilism with Limited Piracy

Currency: Mark (512 skilling=32 öre=4 marks=1 Rimesdalar)

Area: 452,652 sq. miles

Population: 25,265,200

Demographics: 54% Human, 28% Dwarf, 8% Elf, 5% Maenad, 4% Half-Elf 0.6% Gnome, 0.3 Kith, 0.1% other (Raptorian, Illumian, Halfling)

Capitol/Largest City: Rimeholme (743,000)

Secondary Center: Hamarstand (698,000)

Religion: Majority follow the Caelen Church (Kristen Reform), with minorities following The Chalice, Imperial Church, the Ice Gods, and the Traveler

Major Languages: Rimegaardir is the official language, while both Marx and Intuk'mik have large numbers of native speakers

Symbol: A longboat sailing over blue and white waves, on a golden feild

Nominal Alignment: NG


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