Tagrinoori Empire (Mid Sea Octopus empire)

Government Type: Empire

Current Leader: Emperor Alliagri


Economic Type:

Species Demographics: 80% tako, 10% sea giant, 7% anguillian, 3% other


Nominal Alignment: LN


The Fourth Tagrinoori Empire is a shadow of its former self.  In ancient times the empire stretched across the entire Sea of Blood, and every Tako, anguillian, and every other sentient race under the waves owed fealty to it.  Now only the core of that once great nation remains.  Tagrinoori has suffered much through the years.  Throughout its history it has suffered battles with the kopru and Eureii, countless civil wars, and more recently depredations by so called kraken overgods. 


[Previous Empires

1st = Takoorui Empire

2nd = Yeljurna Empire

3rd = Orloorian Empire]