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The Arcane Congress

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The Arcane Congress

Region: Caelea

Common Name: The Congress

Government: Magiocracy

Ruling Bodies: The Adren

Current Rulers: High Adren Nodoku Mohab (Human male Wizard 14/Arch Mage 2)

Economic Type: Capitalism

Currency: N/A

Population: 38,000

Demographics: 63% Human, 12% Half-Elf, 9% Gnome, 6% Halfling, 5% Dwarf, 4% Ilumian, 0.6% Elf, 0.4% Other( Kobold, Maenad, Rilkan, Skarn)

Capitol/Largest City: The Amber Citadel, Firensdamm (3,200)

Secondary Center: Caelen Congress, Basillica (2,600)

Official Religion: Worship of Cael is mandatory amongst members of the congress, though enforcement of this law is rather lax. A few dark souls worship the Penticle, though thankfully those are few and far between.

Major Languages: Caelen is the official working language, though one can find speakers of any language within the congress' ranks.

Symbol: An azure eye with a broken circle as it's pupil, on a white feild



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