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Tralib Dominarchy

Government Type: Dominarchy (ruling council)

Current Leaders: Kopru Dominarchs


Economic Type:

Species Demographics: 15% kopru, sea giants, tako, aranea, surface humanoids (all slaves)


Nominal Alignment: CE


"The Great Game must be played out, and unfortunately for you, you are just a pawn."

- kopru mantra


Where the kopru came from none can say, but the unpleasant fact is that they are here now, and they have no intention of leaving.  Since ancient times the kopru have ruled a secret empire from the depths of the northern thermal vents.  They have crafted servants and enslaved thralls to do their bidding.


Before the destruction of Ancient Tela, the Tralib kopru were open in their domination of other races.  They openly made war upon the take to the south-east, and the devil rays to the west.  After Tela exploded however, their empire suffered, and the kopru have spent the time since then recovering their former power.  Now they play their Great Game in secret, moving pawns around the globe in an effort to accomplish goals known only to themselves.

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